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bijoue shelf

A bold sculpture shelf, Bijoue offers a fun, unique and decorative shelving. The unique shapes and geometry of the horizontal and vertical lines show a complementary harmony with the metal structure and the organic cut. The linear narrative created with horizontal and vertical bars supports modern design, while emphasizing lightness, creating an invisible display space in the room. The asymmetrical form and size differences between the sections make it possible to use each section for different purposes. With Bijoue, a complementary product for those who want to add a playful effect to homes and offices, the young room creates a fun corner in the bedroom and other spaces. Thanks to its partitioned structure and linear appearance, it can be placed side by side to create a fiction and to be used as a dividing panel. Thanks to its grizzly structure, Bijoue can be used in harmony with Hexagon stand. Bijoue is designed with a certain range of solid steel rods. The shelf is then finished in B&T static powder paint colors.


  • Striking modern design.
  • Minimalist, very clean lines fits any environment.
  • Can be special ordered in most of the RAL colors.
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial use


Material: 100% solid steel structure.

  • Low: 30″W | 14″D | 36″H
  • High: 30″W | 14″D | 59″H

Availability for Quick ship: Currently available for custom orders only. ETA 8 weeks. 



Alp Nuhoglu started his foray into furniture design at a young age of 23, when he founded his very own furniture design company, DOR. He studied in Mimar Sinan University’s Industrial Products Design department in Istanbul, Turkey. He has worked at B&T Design between 1999 and 2010 as a product designer and creative director. In 2016 he started his own independent design firm T’AN.


B&T Design

B&T Design

Talip Aysan founded his Istanbul based company B&T Designs in 1993. At the heart of their brand were three key words: “better”, “desirable” and “ worthy”. They would go on to build their, now, global company on those words and ideals. The result was a line of instant classics that can be appreciated by any design fan.

High quality commercial grade, fresh, minimally designed, very unique line of collection.

Today, B & T exports stunning modern products to over 50 countries including the United States and Canada. Their design team of top Turkish and European designers such as Alp Nuhoglu, Tanju Ozelgin, Sezgin Aksu, Silvia Suardi create groundbreaking modern designs such as the Green Lounge Chair, Pop Modular Sofa, Pera Chair Range, Absolut Table, Morph Sofa and so on..


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