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boom sofa | design mustafa timur

Boom, almost your warmest hospitality is reflected in the design of the sofa. It is a product that reveals the upholstering expertise of the brand with its precision to sewing work. I have a simple silhouette from a distance but, it will reveal its outstanding workmanship when you look closer. Conical wooden legs can be ordered with desired stain color. The Boom is offered in two different width options as loveseat and three seater sofa. Matching ottoman is also available. Sewing details in the seating area increase the chicness of the sofa, making unusual aesthetic appeal visible. Can be used side by side with many products of B&T family. Using Modest Coffee Table and Daisy Lounge seat together with Boom will create calm and peaceful spaces. Elusive table, Jest library, and Grill coffee table can be located in the executive office.

  • Suitable for both residential and commercial use.
  • Metal or hardwood dowel legs.
  • Hardwood feet can be ordered in the natural or dark finish. Standard finish is walnut.
  • For the metal legs please refer to B&T metal finishes here: Metal color and finish options.
  • Commercial grade high-quality foam.
  • Orders with customers own material (COM / COL) is accepted.

For fabric selection please check here: Material options.

Measurements in this data sheet are in centimeters.

dimensions and yardage information:

Armchair: Inches 35.5w | 35d | 28h | 16.5sh | 25.5 seat depth // COF requirement: 6 yards.
Sofa 160: Inches 63w | 35d | 28h | 16.5sh  // COF requirement: 11 yards.
Sofa 180: Inches 71w | 35d | 28h | 16.5sh // COF requirement: 12 yards.
Sofa 200: Inches 79w | 35d | 28h | 16.5sh // COF requirement: 13 yards.
Sofa 240: Inches 94.5w | 35d | 28h | 16.5sh // COF requirements: 15 yards.
Ottoman 1: Inches 25.5dia | 16.5h
Ottoman 2: Inches 37.5dia | 16.5h
Ottoman 3: Inches 42.2dia | 16.5h
Ottoman 4: Inches 25.6w | 25.6d | 16.5h
Ottoman 5: Inches 37.5w | 25.6d | 16.5h
Ottoman 6: Inches 49.2w | 25.6d | 16.5h

Availability: Special order only. Lead time 8-10 weeks.


 Mustafa Timur Selcuk

 Young designer Mustafa Timur is an industrial designer who likes to create stories. He encourages to always be curious about roots and essence of things and surroundings. This approach helps him enables him to reconfigure past and future. His coincidental and imaginary approaches result in creating unique and cozy designs. His enthusiasm for blending different cultures and lifestyles helps him to broaden the horizon. Thanks to this broad perspective, Mustafa Timur creates perfect furnishing solutions for today’s work or living environments. After strengthening design talents within the academic practices of Anadolu University and Domus Academy, he developed products like furniture, lighting, carpet, games, and toys. B&T, Koleksiyon, Harvard Business Mother and Child Education Foundation are among the brands he advised and worked for. Since 2015 he teaches at the LaSalle Academy in Interior Architecture. He volunteers at many different non-profit organizations such as “”; Timur has received design awards in many areas such as furniture, packaging, toys, bathrooms accessories etc.



B&T Design

Talip Aysan founded his Istanbul based company B&T Designs in 1993. At the heart of their brand were three keywords: “better”, “desirable” and “ worthy”. They would go on to build them, now, a global company on those words and ideas. The result was a line of instant classics that can be appreciated by any design fan.

High-quality commercial grade, fresh, minimally designed, very unique line of collection.

Today, B & T exports stunning modern products to over 50 countries including the United States and Canada. Their design team of top Turkish and European designers such as Alp Nuhoglu, Tanju Ozelgin, Sezgin Aksu, Silvia Suardi creates groundbreaking modern designs such as the Green Lounge Chair, Pop Modular Sofa, Pera Chair Range, Absolut Table, Morph Sofa and so on..


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