dupont office chair


dupont office chair

High end, high concept modern office chair. This chairs pays homage to the Mid-Century classic office chairs. However, it has updated design. Almost every component of this chair is custom designed and molded. Dupont has mid-century modern aesthetic, yet it has more sophisticated and flawless design utilizing today’s technology and modern materials. Update your environment with a chair that is elegant but never overbearing.
Design by Connie So


  • Custom designs, molded parts.
  • Almost every component is custom designed.
  • Polished aluminum frame structure.
  • Height adjustable.
  • Suitable for commercial and residential use.


Dimensions: Inches 23.5w | 26d | 41-44h | 17-20sh | 26-29armheight.

Availability for Quick ship:

Available in stock. Only black.



Nuans Design Studio

Nuans Design Studio is a creative department, located within the company which develops new products, carries out the prototype testing, ensures the product quality and ergonomics.


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