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match sectional sofa | design sanja knezovic

Match hails from a family of modular sofas, offering a number of compositions adapted to each given space. Its morphology is defined by the simple basic lines of a somewhat lower armchair and an elevated armrest. While the cold foam fills its complete volume with sufficient firmess for comfortable sitting, a cover made from natural materials furthers the experience of comfort and relaxtion. Match’s dimensions go hand-in-hand with the needs of diverse groups of users, who can chose between two different widths and depths of the module. Its morphology makes the Match ideal for the furnishing of larger spaces.



structure: solid wood, plywood
suspension: springs
seat cushion: HR foam
support cushion: HR foam
legs: pvc
upholstery: fabric, leather


Match Sectional Sofa 83L: 111w | 35d | 28h | 16″ seat height | 24″ seat depth | 65″ chaise
Match Sectional Sofa 83XL: 111w | 39d | 28h | 16″ seat height | 28″ seat depth | 69″ chaise
Match Sectional Sofa 103L: 135w | 35d | 28h | 16″ seat height | 24″ seat depth | 65″ chaise
Match Sectional Sofa 103XL: 135w | 39d | 28h | 16″ seat height | 28″ seat depth | 69″ chaise


Match comes from a family of modular sofas and with its simple clear lines closes the volume which articulates every space with countless compositions. Essentially neutral, it gives freedom to every user to determine the style and context of each given space.

 Sanja Knezovic


Sanja Knezović is primarily an architect who heads her own architectural studio, which specialises in private houses and smaller commercial buildings. She has transferred the experience gained from designing furniture units for interiors onto designing upholstered furniture for Kvadra, her first project in the field of product design.


prostoria banner   Prostoria Founded in 2010 in Croatia, Prostoria delivers functional furniture with beautiful aesthetics.


Prostoria’s vision is to create upholstered furniture that will enrich your everyday home and work interactions. The form of Prostoria products thus follows its function, while they treat aesthetics as an essential human need.

At Prostoria, people are creating for people, researching, exchanging ideas and knowledge of craft, employing technology and materials – all this to express the passion and the heritage of each of us.


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